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School supply 1A Back-to-School Prayer

In honor of all of the teachers and students headed back to school in our 
community this fall. [Adapted from a prayer written by Tonya Nash]
Lord, I pray that you be with every child 
who is returning back to school this 
year. Protect them as they wait at the bus 
stop, ride the bus, travel by car, or walk 
to school. Keep them safe from dangers 
seen and unseen. Help our school crossing 
guards and bus drivers to remain attentive 
on their jobs.
Be with our children’s teachers this year. 
Help them to teach in ways that each 
student can understand. Let them have 
reasonable expectations of our children 
and give them patience whenever their 
patience meter is running low. Bless the 
teachers with administrative support 
whenever needed.
Help our children to stand against 
peer pressure. Empower them to make 
decisions that will be pleasing in Your 
sight. Surround them with good friends 
that are positive influences. Protect our 
children from bullies and those who mean 
to harm them. Help them seek out the 
new person or the lonely person and help 
them find their place. 
And, finally Lord, help us as parent to be 
even more supportive of our children this 
year. Strengthen our discernment. Let us 
know when something is going on with 
our children. Help us to keep them on 
track with their homework and study time. 
Provide for us financially so that we can 
give our children the supplies they need 
to enhance their educational experience. 
Remind us of the need to pray daily for 
our children.
In Jesus’ Name,


Have you been told that you NEED 
to be in the choir??   Have you felt that 
being a choir member was something 
you really wanted to do sometime?
Main requirement: the desire to 
praise the Lord and the willingness 
to devote some time and energy into 
that desire.

 It’s Fall Festival time!

There is just a month to go until Fall Festival. We need your help to make this a BIG 
SUCCESS! What can you do? Here are some suggestions:
  • Join the fun and fellowship in making our famous apple pies. Times and dates are:
    • Sept 4
    • Sept 9
  • Donate supplies for the apple pies.
  • Bake a cake, cookies, brownies or cheese straws. Make trail mix, bake cupcakes--you  getting the picture? We can sell all you provide.
  • Donate an item for the Silent Auction. Create a basket filled with goodies. Call Sharon Parham for ideas and help in putting your basket together.
  • Share your jams, jellies, and pickles for the Fruits of the Harvest. 
  • Divide your perennials, label them, and donate them for the plant sale.
  • Clear out those closets, attics, and storerooms. We need your treasures for the Yard Sale.
  • Help move the yard sale items from the storage building on Sun Sept 24 at 2.
  • Price and sort yard sale treasures--times/dates available soon.
  • SIGN UP TO WORK FALL FESTIVAL DAY! You will be truly blessed and have soooooo much fun!
  • Invite your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to Fall Festival.
  • Pray for good weather, safety of all workers and visitors, and that in some way we might be able to reach out to someone who needs that kind word, smile, or welcoming handshake from one of us. 
We will see you at 7am on Saturday, Sept 13th. Wear your St. James shirt, your name tag 
and most importantly..........your SMILE.



Welcome to St. James’ website. I hope you will find what you need to know here and that you will be encouraged to join us in worship and service. As you see in our mission statement, worship and service as a community of faith are primary to who we are. Thankfully, these are not just words on a page. It is deep within our congregation’s DNA to worship and serve God.

From our inception in 1955 when our first members picked cotton from the very field out of which this church building would grow to our current members’ regular service at the local soup kitchen, ARCH Ministries, and Habitat for Humanity and through the many other intentional acts of love St. James provides, we follow our namesake in not just hearing the word, but also doing it. We are hands-on in ministry to God.

And as we live out the words of our faith, we understand the importance of knowing and being formed by those very same words. This happens in worship, Sunday School, children and youth programs, Bible studies, and Wednesday Night gatherings. You can find information about these and so much more on the website, but you can’t really know the great value of any of it until you’ve experienced it. Our prayer is that you will come and experience this and soon, helping us to love God and neighbor well.

Welcome to St. James. I hope to see you soon.
Chris Barrett, Pastor